Our Services

Design & Planning

RES offers initial feasibility designs for any particular project; these may be simple thumbnail sketches to indicate what might be possible or fully informative sketches showing house type locations, garage, parking provisions and highway network layouts. The feasibility section can consist of development reviews and initial enquiries relating to any particular project.

The initial feasibility process will aid the Client in determining whether a project is commercially viable. Alternative feasibility designs on the same site can assess the merits of any particular scheme and guide the Client by identifying an economical advantage from one scheme to another. The feasibility stage identifies the potential value of a scheme allowing negotiations to take place between Client and Landowner. The feasibility stage also allows early discussions with the Local Planning Authority to assess the chances of obtaining Planning Consent.


Following the receipt of a Planning Consent or in anticipation of a Consent, we offer a full Technical Design Service where the detailed Planning drawings are reviewed.

Full Technical working drawings are then prepared to indicate how the specific design will be dimensionally laid out with accompanying sections and elevations to show all building heights for ease of construction. This will allow the Client, Surveyors, Valuers, Contractors or others to cost, value and plan how the building will be delivered and built on site.

Drawing Package

We would expect the Technical Drawing Package to consist of the following detailing, however, this can be tailored to suit the Client's exact requirements:

  • 1:50 scale floor plans annotated with all relevant construction notes, dimensions, door and window references, together with engineering proposals as advised by the Consulting Engineer.

  • 1:50 scale sub-structure plans showing load bearing wall positions, foundations (by Engineer), service entries and foul and storm drainage connections.

  • 1:50 scale outline structural floor plans and 1:50 scale roof key plans for Specialist Designers.

  • 1:100 or 1:50 scale elevations with material finishes and relevant dimensions.

  • 1:50 and 1:20 sections, where necessary, with relevant construction notes and dimensions.

  • 1:50 electrical layouts with indicative radiator positions.

  • Door and window schedules.

Technical Package

In addition to the Technical drawings, the following can be provided to form part of the overall Technical Package:

  • Full sets of construction notes.

  • Production of 'External Works' site layout indicating all boundary treatments and hard landscaping proposals.

  • Large scale details such as level threshold and gas protection.

  • Liaising and cross checking of all other Specialist Design Consultants' drawings i.e. Consulting Civil and Structural Engineer, Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, Energy Rating Consultants, Sustainable Home Assessors, Timber Frame Manufacturers and Floor/Truss Designers.

  • Production of 'Conveyance Plan' for legal purposes.

  • Production of 'Blocked-Out' Sales plans showing all finished room sizes in metric and imperial.

  • 1:20 scale floor plans and elevations of bathroom, ensuite and cloakrooms to show tiling layouts, appliance positions and associated boxings/furniture.

Assistance with Submission

As part of the Full Technical Design Service, we offer to collate, submit and negotiate the statutory approvals required with the relevant bodies prior to construction commencing on site. On all projects completed, Designer's Risk Assessments and Hazard Identification Records are produced and issued to the appointed CDM Co-ordinator for inclusion in the Pre-Construction Health and Safety Plan. Technical projects are undertaken using the latest AutoCAD software.


RES can provide the full range of infrastructure design services.

These can include highway design, drainage design, storm water attenuation, SuDS design, setting out and external works together with vehicle swept path analysis.

BIM Management

The construction Industry is forever changing which is why at RES Architecture we realise the importance of keeping abreast of all the latest improvements in technology.

We believe that moving forward with the latest technologies in CAD design will not only move our company forward but meet the urgent requirements of a demanding industry.

At RES Architecture we have been developing BIM with all aspects of our design since 2008 and have moved forward with the technology beyond that of our competitors. We have implemented BIM to progress our own efficiency in house and have moulded our implementation around the clients we have worked with historically. With BIM becoming a industry standard we now believe we have the edge in this area and are openly looking for construction companies to work collaboratively with and offer best advice in this area on how this can work best for the team / project on hand. We feel this will change the industry and alter the way government projects are procured.

BIM Services

At RES architecture we offer the following services for BIM:

  • BIM Design

  • BIM Management

  • BIM Implementation Advice

  • Component Family Creation

  • Template Creation

  • Clash Detection

We have fully trained staff in the latest Cad software enabling us to provide our clients with a full range of detailed drawing models.

Our company efficiency remains at the top end of the market whilst our fees stay at a cost effective level for our clients. All our construction drawings are drawn in 3 dimensional packages allowing drawings to be progressed into 3D visuals and alterations to drawings made easy.

Energy & Sustainability

As SAP and Code for Sustainable Home Assessors we are committed to sustainable approach when considering design.

We have huge experience of sustainable design with knowledge of how to achieve the required or best ratings as well as a clear understanding of the implementation of sustainable materials and products and their effects to the buildings we design.

We have a true real life understanding of the impact this has on the finished product in terms of true carbon savings. We take our practical approach with this considering costs, embedded carbon and life spans of the building to offer our client best advice. We are all aware of the government push to reduce carbon emissions and all have a duty to respond to this. Our company believe every project is different therefore it's approach to this will be shaped around its objective, running costs and our clients requirements.